Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

People that work in warehousing or manufacturing are often looking for strategic solutions to improve the efficiency and productivity of their business.

If an under-performing supply chain needs streamlining and organising then businesses can turn to outsourced logistics suppliers to boost productivity.

Logistics consultants can offer solutions that will make the whole business more efficient, resulting in higher levels of output and greater profits.

A consultancy may advise on a completely new warehouse design and layout if needed. Sales and operation planning or S&OP are also key elements of streamlining business processes.

The overall aim of logistics consultancies is to achieve supply chain cost reduction, by whatever means are identified in the initial project review. Once problem areas have been identified then solutions can be implemented.

Areas covered by logistics consultants are very varied. The first stage is strategic definition, where the current manufacturing and supply network design is looked at and rationalised. The inventory policy can also be assessed at this stage. Supply Chain Consultants

The next step maybe to design a new supply chain if the old one is inefficient. This will involve planning and improving all elements such as the warehousing, systems, processes and transport.

Productivity must also be assessed in order to establish more efficient business processes. Areas looked at within productivity improvement could include services procurement and industry management.

Once a new supply chain system has been drawn out, the implementation also needs to be planned. This stage includes specification, supplier selection and change management.

So the overall project management of a business process overhaul includes several intricate stages that only companies who are experienced in logistics could provide and implement.

Logistics management can be applied to a wide variety of different businesses in a variety of sectors. Similar principles can be applied to varying sectors, but solutions can also be tailored to suit varying needs.

Sectors that may require the services of a business process consultancy include the retail, food & drink, pharmaceutical, fashion, automotive and oil & gas industries.

An experienced logistics consultancy will take an objective approach to providing solutions for any industry. Meaning that whatever the sector, the clients will benefit from objective management and robust solutions to their supply chain planning requirements.



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