Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

Micro-financing is a term that is not often heard, and when it is, its often associated with money saving schemes for the homeless. This article is about micro-financing, but it is going to be discussing how to apply it on a totally different level. That is how by doing a little research, creating a website, promoting that website and advertising for others, you can begin to create a micro-finance empire.

The first thing to do is decide what your website will be about. There are many different strategies you can apply. You can spend more time researching one kind of area on the web to find a true niche and focus on that, or you can target several areas of the web and create many smaller websites. Usually it is not a good idea to target an area that is already saturated, like making a website about “cars” and hoping people will find your site out of the billion or so other ones that are listed on the search engines. Instead, try to be more specific. Rather than “cars”, you could try “old cars with pink spots” as an extreme example. You should make use of the search engines in finding a suitable theme for your site, type in what your site is about, and see how many other sites there are. Numbers in the millions will generally be harder to rank high for than say, for a term that has a few 100,000 results.

Once you have completed and uploaded your website (making sure you left space for adverts!), you will need to find an advert publisher. This is an internet company that other companies on the Internet sign up to and pay to have their adverts published on publishers websites. You are a publisher, because you are advertising for those companies. You will also need to sign up to the advert publisher in order to use the service, which is free in most cases.

At the start, you may find your new website is only getting one or two visitors each day at maximum. Do not be disheartened, there is a reason for this and that is because another kind of work needs to be done first. That work is called search engine optimization (SEO), which you may or may not have heard of. If you have only heard bad things about this, it is because of companies that make guarantees to people about getting them 1st place on popular search engines. Nobody can guarantee a top position on a search engine! However, they may be able to guarantee positive movement in the search engines rankings. 소액결제현금화

Basic SEO starts with your website and what is known as on-site optimization, there are countless websites out there that discuss this and provide tutorials. The next part is off-site optimization, which involves more work. Off-site optimization forms the bulk of most SEO campaigns, it is where you build links with websites that are related to yours in someway. E.g. If your website is about football, it is important that you seek out websites that are only related to football in someway. Once found you can email the site owner asking if they would like to exchange links. This is a huge topic and plenty of information can be found on the net.

Initially you will be getting around a dollar a day. This is not much, but over a month that is about $28. It still is not much, but perhaps enough to pay one of your household bills. At least it is one less bill to worry about! As you continue to promote your website you will start to notice it climbing the ranks of search engines if everything is going well. More people will find your site as a result and visitor numbers will rise. So too will your earnings from adverts, it is possible to go from making $1 a day to $15 a day in a short period due to a rise in position on a search engine. Now you have gone from being able to pay one of the lesser bills in your home to quite possibly earning enough money to cover all of your bills!

Now that your getting a few hundred people to your site, you can start to consider a different form of advertising which you can use in addition to the adverts. This other form of advertising is called getting affiliates. An affiliate is someone who will pay you to put their link on your website. A typical payment scheme is a set amount paid each month. Websites that get hundreds or thousands of visitors per day can be very valuable places to advertise. Having great numbers of visitors makes your website hot property and everyone will want to buy a piece!


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